In view of the current manpower crunch, MBAS will be working with the relevant authorities to ensure a steady supply of workers to our micro builders and the sub contractors specialising in landed properties projects.

MBAS can bring in workers from Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. The workers will be brought in under the SEC (K) deferment scheme, Under the deferment scheme, MOM will impose a higher levy if the workers have yet to obtain their skills certification after 3 months from their pass issuance date.

For Laos and Cambodia, the placement fee will be $780 per worker, and for Thailand, the placement fee will be $1,080 per worker. We General workers, as well as Skilled workers in Carpentry, Plasterer as well as Tiler.

The placement fee includes:

1. Application for IPA and Issuance of Work Permit.

2. Liaison and Administrative Work submission to BCA

3. One way Air Ticket from Source Country to Singapore

4. One way Airport Transfer to MWOC (Quarantine Centre) upon arrival 

Need more information?  Please contact

MBAS (Manpowering Office)

Jean Lee

Tel: +65 9180 7254 | Email:

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