Our President's Message

Mr Ian Teo


Micro Builders Association, Singapore

The establishment of Micro Builders Association, Singapore (MBAS) was first conceived in 2012 with an objective of addressing the needs of Singapore’s micro contractors who are mainly the Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). With the ever-changing construction landscape in Singapore towards a more sustainable environment as well as the important emphasis on workplace safety standards, MBAS sees a need to assist our industry group so as to better gear themselves moving forward.

We believe that through innovations and close alliance with related building professionals, MBAS will be able to create an effective platform to better facilitate discussions and dialogues amongst relevant stakeholders and agencies.

On this note, I am also pleased to share that MBAS is now one of the alliance members of the Specialists Trade Alliance of Singapore (STAS) which comprises a total of 11 specialists trade associations under 1 roof with more than 1,300 strong corporate companies within the group.

On behalf of MBAS, I would like to welcome all micro builders and contractors to partake in our association’s activities which I am confident would be of good benefits to all!

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