Code of Conduct

According to the Constitution (Updated under Singapore Registry of Societies as of March 2021) :

4.7 Code of Conduct

4.7.1 Member SHALL NOT Act in a manner which leads to inimical to the interests of the association. Break any laws and misbehave in the performance of their duties. Misrepresents the Association or the EXCO in dealing with any other party.

4.7.2 Member SHALL Be loyal, respect confidentially and uphold the reputation of the association, avoid conflicts of interest and activities that may lead inimical to the association or other members due to personal advantage. Bring attention to the EXCO for potential actions or decisions if they recognize as illegal or unethical. Be respectful to the association if disagree with its policies or advises, offering it the opportunity to respond, comment or amend its processes, in a professional manner.

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